Favourite pins from this week..

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the console hunt

I’ve been looking for a skinny console table/hall stand for our new place, with no luck! I want to be able to fit a lamp, photo frame and bowl for keys on it but it still be shallow enough that it doesnt take up much room – demanding, I know! Anyone seen any around? All … Continue reading

Birthday Dinner Party

Today my Mumma celebrated her 50th birthday. She is so fabulous that we decided we should throw her a dinner party. And to top it off my sister flew in as a surprise for her! There was squealing and crying which I guess means it was a good night. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, … Continue reading

Christmas cheer

I love Christmas. I always have and I think I always will. I love giving and wrapping gifts, I love family getting together, I love the amazing services my church puts on at Christmas, I love all the food and I love the decorating! Last year I had a very bright Christmas. This year I’m thinking something … Continue reading

The table of my dreams

I begin this blog with a post about my new pride and joy – our dining table. Yes, that’s right. I’m obsessed with a table. This table however is not just a plank of wood on 4 legs, oh no! Its beautiful, its has a personality, a name. For our engagement present my parents decided … Continue reading