Pink and Orange

Ooohhh pink and orange you are sooo lovely. I’m feeling happy just looking at these images.. Advertisements

Favourites from Pinterest

Some favourite spaces from pinterest this week. Oh that lantern…

Jamie Meares//Lonny

Have fallen in love with designer Jamie Meares’ home and store in North Carolina, featured in the latest Lonny mag.   Find it HERE. Mrs S x

May/June ivy&piper

Feeling inspired by the May/June Ivy & Piper! Mrs S x

April/May adore

The new adore mag is out. Too many lovely interiors to keep count of. Check it out. mmmmm…. Mrs S x

cushion love

I do love me a good cushion. The Brown Trading Co do them oh so well. Mrs S x

Pinterest delights

Favourites from Pinterest this week.. Mrs S x

dream windows

LOVE these windows. I think when most people build a new home they want two things – light and space. Generous windows and ceilings like these create both those things whether you have a large home or not. I think I would find it hard to leave the house! Whoa to that last one. Mrs … Continue reading

purple inspiration

When people ask me what my favourite colour is, I don’t actually say shiny. I know, its a shock. Mostly I say purple however recently I’ve realised I don’t actually own many purple clothes or have any purple things around my house.. What a phoney! So I decided I need a little purple inspiration.   Mrs S … Continue reading

lovely library

One day soon I’m going to create an in-home library for my book-loving bestie Steffany. She will spend her days writing, sliding from shelf to shelf on an antique ladder and rolling around in a big pile of books. I will visit her with fresh flowers and we will drink lots of tea.     … Continue reading