the console hunt

I’ve been looking for a skinny console table/hall stand for our new place, with no luck! I want to be able to fit a lamp, photo frame and bowl for keys on it but it still be shallow enough that it doesnt take up much room – demanding, I know! Anyone seen any around? All … Continue reading

Blog Catch Up

As you know, last week I took some time away from my computer with a busy first week of studying floristry. As a result my google reader feed was bursting at the seams with lots of bloggy goodness for me to scroll through this weekend. Here are some of my favourite things going round the … Continue reading

Oh the Ottoman

Ottomans. Yum-my. I’ve never really had space for an ottoman in any of my houses but as soon as I do, watch out! They’re so much more interesting than a coffee table, they’re more cosy and comfortable and they double as foot stool and tea tray/magazine stand. Why would you not want one?! Mrs S … Continue reading

Before and After – IKEA stool

In an attempt to satisfy my turquoise cravings I painted our little step stool. Here are some before and afters.. (sorry for dodgy quality in some of the pictures!) Before: BORING! After: FUN! mmmm.. much better Mrs S x

colour cravings

We found a turquoise Thonet replica chair that we would love for our dining room. Isn’t it the coolest?! It reminds me of the 50’s and makes me want to buy these.. Aaaaanyway.. I’ve noticed ever since, I cant help but want anything in that same shade. No matter what it is – I want … Continue reading

The table of my dreams

I begin this blog with a post about my new pride and joy – our dining table. Yes, that’s right. I’m obsessed with a table. This table however is not just a plank of wood on 4 legs, oh no! Its beautiful, its has a personality, a name. For our engagement present my parents decided … Continue reading