DIY – Pin Board Makeover

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few days off both this week and last week. I was very excited to have the opportunity to do some crafty projects with all this free time I would have! Today (my second last day of holidays) I realised I haven’t done ANYTHING crafty at all! Gosh! I’ve … Continue reading

Fake Calligraphy How-To

My best friend, Steffany has the most wonderful handwriting of anyone I know. Because of this she was appointed as our official wedding calligrapher, spending hours writing place cards and painting signs. If you’re a little less talented like me and your handwriting does not look like you spend your days practising your swirly scripts,  … Continue reading

Homemade gifts

Cute and easy home-made wedding gift 🙂   Mrs S x  

chalky fun

There’s always more uses for chalkboard paint than you’d think Mrs S x

Le Bon Bon

I found out this year that it’s quite difficult to find nice looking bon bons that aren’t expensive. There is no way i’m paying $70 for something that gets destroyed! I was feeling far too lazy to make some myself so I bought some from Lincraft for $4.95, and re-covered them using brown wrapping paper, … Continue reading

Its beginning to look a lot like..

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house… finally. By Christmas Eve. Paper Christmas tree made for me by my lovely Mumma Home-made bauble chandelier.. baubelier? Yes thats right.. i’m that girl in the office with an unusual amount of Christmas cheer and a set of reindeer antlers. Sorry to the lady … Continue reading

DIY Makeshift pin cushion

Tonight I finally decided that having pins rolling all over the floor and stabbing people was maybe not a good idea. So since I am too inpatient to wait to buy a pin cushion or buy the proper materials to make one.. I decided to fashion one out of some bits and pieces I had … Continue reading