Pink and Orange

Ooohhh pink and orange you are sooo lovely. I’m feeling happy just looking at these images.. Advertisements

cold weather

The weather has been getting a lot colder here in Brisbane and it has me thinking about big soft pillows, thick warn blankets and cosy beds. mmmmmm….. Mrs S x

Coral & Navy

Love the colour combination of coral and navy. It’s like a little bit serious and a little bit fun all at the same time. Faaancy! Mrs S x

clean white love

I’ve been seeing some beautiful photos floating around the blogging world lately of a home belonging to Danielle Moss – graphic designer, photographer and blogger. Her whole house is lovely but I just had to show you her bedroom. Its white, light, pretty and I think I just found the perfect inspiration for our spare bedroom! YES!   … Continue reading

purple inspiration

When people ask me what my favourite colour is, I don’t actually say shiny. I know, its a shock. Mostly I say purple however recently I’ve realised I don’t actually own many purple clothes or have any purple things around my house.. What a phoney! So I decided I need a little purple inspiration.   Mrs S … Continue reading

Soft and Feminine

I’d love to create a room this beautifully soft and feminine. Ruffles, sequin pillows, furr throws, pale pink curtains, I’m in heaven.     Mrs S x

the pendant

One of the first things I’ll put in my house when I own one is a large pendant light. I love them. They dress up the space in a room that no rug, lamp or piece of art can cover. I cant wait to have an oversized, attention stealing pendant over the dining table. Or low hanging … Continue reading