A craft nerd’s dream come true..

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nail time..

Every time I paint my nails, I get impatient, don’t let them dry long enough and smudge them. Every. Single. Time. Despite my nail painting failings, I still wanna try this. Found HERE Mrs S x

DIY – Pin Board Makeover

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few days off both this week and last week. I was very excited to have the opportunity to do some crafty projects with all this free time I would have! Today (my second last day of holidays) I realised I haven’t done ANYTHING crafty at all! Gosh! I’ve … Continue reading

Fake Calligraphy How-To

My best friend, Steffany has the most wonderful handwriting of anyone I know. Because of this she was appointed as our official wedding calligrapher, spending hours writing place cards and painting signs. If you’re a little less talented like me and your handwriting does not look like you spend your days practising your swirly scripts,  … Continue reading

tea that’s cozy.

A lady at work knitted me a colourful tea cozy and its just so darn cute that I had to share it with you all. My tea will never go cold again! Well.. eventually it will but.. not as quickly. It could also double as a beanie with conveniently placed ear holes and pom pom … Continue reading

Blog Catch Up

As you know, last week I took some time away from my computer with a busy first week of studying floristry. As a result my google reader feed was bursting at the seams with lots of bloggy goodness for me to scroll through this weekend. Here are some of my favourite things going round the … Continue reading

Homemade gifts

Cute and easy home-made wedding gift 🙂   Mrs S x  

Birthday Dinner Party

Today my Mumma celebrated her 50th birthday. She is so fabulous that we decided we should throw her a dinner party. And to top it off my sister flew in as a surprise for her! There was squealing and crying which I guess means it was a good night. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, … Continue reading

party prep

Party preppin’ Stay tuned..     Mrs S x

chalky fun

There’s always more uses for chalkboard paint than you’d think Mrs S x