Pattern on Pattern

Ok people, its time for a rant!

We have just bought a new couch! Yay, exciting! BUT it was not all fun and games, ohhh no! The woman in the store we purchased the couch from was so great in every way EXCEPT….

We were choosing fabrics for the throw cushions and I asked her if we were able to mix and match any of the fabrics. I held two patterned fabrics together to show her and she replied ‘Sorry no they don’t go.’

Ummm what?!

I told her that I thought they did go together and that I liked mixing patterns and she responded ‘Sorry you can’t put those together. I do this for a living, and they just don’t match.’


These images make me feel better..


Take that!!

2 Responses to “Pattern on Pattern”
  1. Kerri says:

    As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If something pleases your tastes and aesthetic senses, then whose to argue?! Regarding your clumsy sales person, I worked as a temp sales associate for several weeks during a large annual sale at an upscale women’s clothing store. I learned immedicately to “read” my customer and guage my responses accordingly. I discovered that some women actually like/prefer/enjoy their clothes to look and fit as if they were painted on; I didn’t feel the need to impress my opinion on them if they obviously loved how they looked in the dressingroom mirror. It was a great eye-opener on selling and service; I made money and had happy customers.

  2. Kate says:

    You sure showed her!

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