DIY – Pin Board Makeover

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few days off both this week and last week. I was very excited to have the opportunity to do some crafty projects with all this free time I would have! Today (my second last day of holidays) I realised I haven’t done ANYTHING crafty at all! Gosh!

I’ve had a pin board for a few weeks now but haven’t found the time to make it look pretty. So here we go!

What I used…

Obviously, I had a pin board. (Ikea $9.99)


..To cut this fabric. I used curtain fabric because it had the texture i wanted. (Spotlight $11 a metre)

A hot glue gun. (make sure you have enough glue sticks. I’m not saying this because I didn’t check first and then ran out. Ok yes I am)

And I used thumb tacs to add a bit of interest. (Spotlight $4.99)

So anything I do I generally just make up as I go. I get a bit too impatient to research the best way to do things first and just dive straight in. You may have a better way, if not, this works.

First cut you fabric to size. I gave it a bit of an iron here as well so there were no fold lines through the middle.

Then begin to glue each side, fold up and hold down for a few seconds to make sure it sticks well.

Fold the corners in like a present and glue.

Like this!

Repeat on each side. My fabric was a little more see-through than I would have liked so I just did another layer.

This however was where the lack of glue sticks became a problem. Instead I pinned the corners to make sure nothing would move.

Now for the decorative part! Lay out your pins so you know how many you have for each side. I used a measuring tape just to make sure they were spaced evenly.

Then simply push each tac into place. The good thing about these is that the head of the pin hides any holes underneath it. So if your pins still look a bit crooked you can easily adjust them.


Pin your favourite pictures, fabrics and invitations and you have yourself a pretty notice board!

Mrs S x

4 Responses to “DIY – Pin Board Makeover”
  1. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    I love this! This is going on my “to do” list for sure! Where is your fab necklace from??

  2. harri says:

    Perfect! I have a pinboard stored away in the back of a cupboard too! You just inspired me to fossick around for it so I can have a place for pretty things!

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