My Week In Review.

Hello everyone!

I’m starting with an apology for being MIA for the last few days. It’s been a tiring/exciting/fun week starting a new adventure! Yes, that’s right I am now a student again, spending my days playing with and learning a lot about flowers! Yippee!

OK some things I’ve done this week..

  1. Worked part-time for the first time in over 4 years. Weird. But good!
  2. Made new friends! And some lovely ones at that.
  3. Tried to tie complicated bows and failed. Huffed, grunted and thrown ribbon on the floor a lot.
  4. Found out that even the most simple looking things are actually much harder than once thought.
  5. Realised how much I love to learn. Especially when Its about something as beautiful and colourful as flowers!
  6. Remembered what It’s like to have a teacher, not be allowed phones in class and raise my hand when I wish to speak.
  7. Gotten a sore hand caused by taking pages and pages of notes on putting together a single floral arrangement.
  8. Probably the best one yet – I went on a field trip! Yay! I roamed around in a FREEZING cold-room for probably an hour, surrounded by hundreds of flowers! Oh yes, I think I’m going to like this.

P.S. My teacher is Scottish and full of sunshine and I love her already.

Also I will now be demanding daily massages from Husband because of bad neck due to carrying 20 mazillion books around.

Lastly, sorry to the countless people on the train who I have smacked in the face with large bunches of flowers. It’s hard not to. If you see me on a train with flowers, probably don’t sit next to me.

Mrs S x


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