the dream wardrobe

I think it’s every girl’s dream to have a wonderful wardrobe. A big space with floor to ceiling shelves and mirrors and a big ottamon in the middle. Oh and of course fabulous clothes, shoes and bags to fill it.

I don’t know if I’ll ever actually get that wardrobe but oh boy can I dream about it!

Maybe something a little more acheivable in the short term.. colour co-ordinated closet! I know it wouldnt last long in my house but I’d LOVE to open my wardrobe doors to some rainbow goodness every morning!


I must now rush home and colour co-ordinate my wardrobe. I predict it will last approx 2 days.


Mrs S x


4 Responses to “the dream wardrobe”
  1. missjeyonline says:

    OMG AMAZING! One day I will have my walk-in-closet….one day!

  2. Quality post right here.

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