colour cravings

We found a turquoise Thonet replica chair that we would love for our dining room.

Isn’t it the coolest?! It reminds me of the 50’s and makes me want to buy these..

Aaaaanyway.. I’ve noticed ever since, I cant help but want anything in that same shade. No matter what it is – I want it. I ‘oooo’ and ‘ahhhh’ at things I would normally find ugly. I want anything and everthing so long as its turquoise.

I once had a craving to own a pair of heeled ankle books. I coveted any girl with her skinny jeans tucked into a pair. Then I bought a pair for $20 from Kmart. To this day I still haven’t warn them. Maybe i need to buy a $20 pair of turquoise ankle boots and all my cravings will go away?

Mrs S x


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