Keys to a happy marriage

At our wedding in September we had a station where guests could share with us their tips to making a happy marriage.

We finally got a chance to look through them all tonight and I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you!

‘Even when you’re annoyed at each other, think of a reason that you’re thankful for each other. Works every time!’

‘Always say Yes Dear!’

‘Always talk to each other, compliment each other and put the other first’

‘Make sure you have a night every week that is just for the two of you. Date night baby!’

‘Talk talk talk talk talk!! Talk about everything, forgive quickly and love unconditionally. Kiss passionately every night’

‘Enjoy every moment together. Plan holidays where you go away just the two of you. Learn your love languages and speak them’

‘Blaine, you may now suddenly find clumps of long hair on the walls of your shower… just roll with it. Its easier that way!’

“Remember your vows – read them often to remind yourselves of your vows. It will help you uphold your love’

‘Put each other first, after the Lord’

‘Love with all our heart, accept without fault and be quick to forgive’

‘Just remember, honeymoon babies aren’t cool’

‘Communication is key to a good marriage. Seriously, talk about everything and you’ll find that disagreements dont become fights and conversations become the highlight of your days.’

Very cool to be surrounded by people with so much wisdom.. and humour.

Mrs S x


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