dairies of a terrible baker

I know determination is good. I’ve heard every cheesy quote telling me to try and try again if I don’t succeed. But when is it ok to give up? At what point after countless fails do you accept that you’re just not good at something?

I am a terrible baker. I’m impatient and I don’t follow the recipe. Last time I tried to make macarons, they ended up looking like flat, pink hamburgers. History screams at me to just give up on baking, but when I got a cookie cutter in the shape of my favourite animal I just had to give it another go. Plus I wanted to use my cute as oven mitt.

Perhaps it was because I didn’t have quite enough brown sugar or the fact that I used white choc chips in a dark choc chip recipe. Or maybe this recipe just wasn’t meant to be used with a cookie cutter.

Long story short.. my moose ended up looking like an obese cow AND they didn’t even taste good. However I did find the end product quite funny.. which is why I’m sharing.

The only good part about this was the glass of milk I had with it.

Mrs S x

2 Responses to “dairies of a terrible baker”
  1. Steffania says:

    This is hilarious.

  2. Kate says:

    Hahaha! It really does look like an obese cow! It IS hilarious!

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