The table of my dreams

I begin this blog with a post about my new pride and joy – our dining table. Yes, that’s right. I’m obsessed with a table. This table however is not just a plank of wood on 4 legs, oh no! Its beautiful, its has a personality, a name.

For our engagement present my parents decided they wanted to give us a dining table. Something that we’d enjoy for many years to come. Something that our friends and family could share.

We knew exactly what we wanted – something BIG. A table that could squeeze all our friends around to share delicious food and our whole family at Christmas. We wanted a table that would represent what our marriage would be  like. A little bit different.. with loads of character and love and plenty of room for giving to and entertaining and feeding our loved ones.

Obviously any ordinary store-bought table simply would not do. So we grabbed a talented friend, a giant wooden crate and we had one made. We spent time going through photos and details in order get a table that lived up to all we wanted it to be.

and here it is…

when it first arrived.. looking almost as pale as me

Husband and Dad lovingly staining

and its finally done

Its funny how much love we have for this table. How proud we are of it. How much we delight in every nail hole and imperfection. Because its all meant to be there. Every bit of unique character was apart of the plan.

Kind of how God feels about us i guess.

Mrs S x


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